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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about mySDATV Devices

Q: How do I update to a new version?

A: Every time there is a new update released, a prompt will ask you on the screen if you would like to update your software version.

Just choose YES and follow the prompt. If the prompt does not come on, from mySDAtv Main Menu, look on the right side and see if the “Latest Version” is higher than “Your Version is”, you should do an Update. Select the “Other” icon and press OK. Select the “Update” icon and wait to finish the download, then arrow down and to the right and highlight the “Install” box and press ok. When the “My App” green box show on screen, unplug the power from your box for one second, then plug it back in. Wait to finish playing the video and at the Main Menu, confirm that the “your version” and “the latest version” are the same number. You’ve done a successful update. (watch the video on our website)

Q: What do I do if I am not able to finish the update because I get a “parser error”?

A: This is due to a corruption of the update file and the only way to get your box working again is to do a “facture reset”. This problem is rare and we do not recommend using this option, unless necessary. From the Main Menu page, highlight the yellow “settings” icon, then arrow down to “general Settings”, then arrow way down to highlight “Backup & Reset”, and press ok. Select the “factory Data Reset” and press ok, arrow down to choose “Reset MBX”, then choose to “erase everything” and press ok. Wait to finish it and when you get a green icon “My App”, remove the power from the box for one second and plug the power connector back in. At this time the Terms and Conditions will show on screen. You can read if you want or choose to arrow down several times until you come to Decline box, then arrow to the right to choose to “Accept” and press ok. Wait to finish loading the video and your Main Menu will show “your version is 1.29” This is the first version we created and you will be ready to do a new update to the current version without the initial corruption you were getting.

Q: What do I do if I only have one HDMI input on my TV, and it is already being used for another device that I need to keep?

A: The first option is for you to purchase a new flat screen TV with many HDMI inputs.

The second best option is to buy a HDMI switch from Click Here or order from mySDAtv.

The third option is to use the A/V output. The M15, M10 and M8 models have a composite audio/video cable that can connect to your old TV video input (yellow, white and red connectors). Keep in mind that this is an analog connection, so you will not see the High Definition quality in the 3ABN channels. The A/V output of model M8 and M10 are default set to PAL system for Europe and Asia. To use this A/V output here in USA with the NTSC system, you must press the number 9, then the button with three lines in the remote control. This action will switch from PAL to NTSC and you will be able to watch the picture in color. Be aware that the aspect ratio may be different because of the system conversion.

If you have model Dongle, you use the HDMI output of the mySDAtv box and purchase a HDMI conversion adapter to analog composite audio/video connectors, to connect to your TV. or sell this conversion adapter for about $10 plus shipping.

Q: Can I connect one box to two TVs by connecting the HDMI output to one, and the audio/video cables to the second TV?

A: No, mySDAtv box can only output one signal at the time. HDMI or A/V

Q: I want to take my box with me to a hotel. How would I hook it up there?

A: It is possible but difficult. There are two reasons why it may be difficult to use WiFi in a hotel. First, very few hotels today provide free WiFi, and if they do, you may encounter stability problems that cause breakup of the picture, freeze, or distortion, because the other hotel guests are all sharing the same WiFi connection. If your hotel does provide free WiFi, you may connect to it the same way you would at home. Connect your mysdatv box or dongle to the TV and to A/C power. On the start up Menu, select the “Other” icon and press OK. Next, select the Internet icon and press OK. This will open up a browser for you to enter the hotel’s website. Keep in mind that each hotel is different, but they generally ask certain guest information, like your room number, or your last name, before they allow you to connect to their WiFi. If you are able to go beyond this point, you will be connected to the internet and will be able to use your mysdatv box.

Q: What does the “Can’t Play this video” screen message mean?
A: It means that your device is not connected to the Internet. Check to see if your Ethernet cable is properly plugged in, or if you are using WiFi check to make sure you are connected by selecting the “Other” icon, then selecting the “Speed Test” icon. The minimum speed you want to have is 1.5MB or higher. The best connection is to use a Ethernet cable from your box to your Internet Router. If the Router is in a different room and the Ethernet cable is not long enough, the alternative way is to use WiFi. Select “Settings”, then WiFi, then choose the name of your wireless network, press OK, enter your password. After you finish entering the password, press only once, the exit button with arrow towards to left and above number 2 of the remote. At this time the keyboard will disappear from the screen. Then, arrow down to the box that says “show my password” then press OK, confirm that your password was typed correctly. Then, arrow down and right to select “Connect” and press OK. It will obtain the IP address then will say “connected”. If it says Authentication problem” it is because the password was incorrect. Repeat the above steps with the correct password.

If you get this message “Can’t Play this video” when you select a program to watch on demand, it could means that that specific program video file was corrupted and not recorded. You must look for other day or time that program will repeat.

Q: What are the main differences between the M10, and the Dongle model?

A: The M10 is made out of metal case, it has a digital clock on the front of the device and it has an external WIFI antenna, which helps picking up the WIFI signal and it takes only 20 seconds to load a TV channel stream.

The Dongle is the smallest of them. It is smaller than a business card and very portable. It is also made out of durable plastic, and has an internal WiFi antenna. This device takes about 60 seconds to load a TV channel stream. The Dongle is installed behind your TV, so it comes with a wireless remote control that does not require you point it directly toward the device. Please note that the small USB remote control receiver can be found in a plastic bag inside the battery compartment. This little USB receiver must be connected to a USB behind of the box at all times in order the remote control to work.

The M10 and the M8 have the ability to connect to the internet via an Ethernet cable from the wireless router to your MySDATV box. This is the best and more stable way to connect.

Q: How do I check for a newer software update?
A: Every time the mysdatv device is powered on, it will check automatically for a newer software version and displays it on the right side of Main Menu (latest version is XXX). However, if you have not turned off your box, you can check if there is a newer version by pressing twice the exit button above the number 2.

If there is a new version available, you can take the following steps:

  1. Select the “Other” icon and press OK.
  2. Select the “Update” icon and press OK.
  3. Arrow down and right to select “Install” and press OK.

After a few seconds showing the increasing percentage of the download until it says that it is “Done”. It takes a little longer for the Dongle and if you are using WiFi because it uses slower Internet speed connection. Then unplug the power cord from the wall for two seconds and then plug it back in. Wait for the startup video to finish playing.

Check on the Main Menu to see if your versionMy Version is "XXX" matches the right side of the screen that says Latest Version is "XXX" If the version numbers match, you have updated the box successfully. If not, repeat the process.

Q: I’ve heard that mySDAtv device has a VOD (Video-on-demand) feature. What does it do?

A: This new feature allows you to download any program onto a USB flash drive or an external hard drive and play it back on your computer or your MySDATV box. Regarding playback of video files, if you have a flash drive or external hard drive with video files on it, and want to watch them on your TV, you can do so using your mySDAtv box. To do this, just select the “Other” icon and press OK. Now plug in your flash drive or external hard drive. Then select the “Video” icon and press OK. Now you want to highlight the file name you want to play and press OK to open it. It will play one video file at the time.

Q: How do I use the Skype app installed in my box?

A: You must have a Skype account. They are free. Log in with your ID and password. You also have the option to plug a USB camera, a keyboard with a mouse into the two USB ports in the back of the box. You will need to configure the camera and your microphone. Now you are all set to make video calls to friend and family that have a Skype account like you.

Q: Does the MySDATV box have Seventh-day Adventist radio stations?

A: Yes! You will find the Radio stations by selecting the “Radio” blue icon on the Main Menu screen and press OK. Then, just choose the station you want to listen to, and press OK.

Q: When I want to watch a program in the morning, the box has a black screen and none of the buttons work on the remote control. What do I do?

A: Your box is not malfunctioning; it has simply gone into Sleep Mode. This is a safety feature that keeps it from running 24/7 and waist our money. Every second you watch the streaming cost us money. We’ve programmed the box to go into sleep Mode after three hours of operation, unless you press any button of the remote. To wake up your box, simply press the Red Power button on your remote control and it will wake it up. NOTE: this Red Power button does not turn your box ON/OFF, it only put your box to sleep and wake it up.

Q: I want to watch the Hope Channel on MySDATV box, but I see you don’t have it. When will you have it?

A: We asked the Hope Channel organization if they would like to have their channels listed at no cost to them; however, they have politely declined our offer. We hope that someday the Hope Channel will reconsider their decision and authorize mysdatv to carry their channels.

Q: I want to check and see when a certain program will be on. Can I do that?

A: Yes, each of the 3ABN channels has, an Electronic Program Guide (EPG). This feature lets you see when a certain program will be on. A date, time, and program title in black means the program is already available for View On Demand (VOD). If the time and program title is in white, it means that it has not played yet and is not available on demand. Only 3ABN channels provide Video On Demand. The other Networks haven’t made VOD and program schedules available to mySDAtv yet.

Q: What is the shipping and handling charge for a mySDAtv device in the USA? How about ther places in the world?

A: The shipping and handling anywhere between California and New York is $20.00. Shipping to other countries must be estimated, and an invoice will be e-mailed to you. Uponpayment of the invoice, we will quickly ship your device.

Q: I have multiple TVs in my house. Can I use one box on all of them at the same time?

A: No. You will need one box for each TV, or disconnect from one TV and connect to a second TV, but only one TV per box.

Q: What are the channels available in the box?

A:As of September 1st, 2017 we have the following channels listed below but we are committed to continue adding new channels all the time.

Television Channels:
  • 3ABN English
  • 3ABN Proclaim!
  • 3ABN Dare To Dream Network
  • 3ABN Kids Network
  • 3ABN International
  • 3ABN Praise Him Music Channel
  • Amazing Facts
  • Amazing Discoveries
  • LLBN English
  • SmartLifeStyle
  • Mission TV
Other Languages:
  • 3ABN Latino
  • 3ABN Français
  • 3ABN Russia
  • LLBN Latino
  • Esperanza TV
  • Nuevo Tiempo
  • Universidad Montemorelos
  • Paraiso TV
  • Novo Tempo
  • LLBN Arabic
  • LLBN Korean
  • LLBN South Asia
Radio Channels:
  • 3ABN Radio
  • 3ABN Radio Music Channel
  • 3ABN Radio Russia
  • 3ABN Australia Radio
  • Nuevo Tiempo
  • Novo Tempo Radio
  • Radio 74